Shift Podcast

A Noticeable Shift

So much of life has shifted, and is shifting. Our culture is—or more accurately, our cultures are—moving in multiple directions simultaneously. It’s difficult to keep track of it at any scale, large or small.

Produced in our little corner of the world near Vancouver, Canada, this podcast is our effort to make sense of it all.

Or, y’know, some of it.

A Shared Sense of Anticipation

We have work to do. The work starts with developing a shared understanding of:

  • where we are going
  • where we want to be going
  • how we’re going to get there

Whatever happens next, and however it happens, it’s going to take us working together.



We are grateful to have the opportunity to engage in meaningful questions and thoughtful conversations with people who are witnessing and participating in the cultural shift that we are all a part of.

Richard Topping

Principal, Vancouver School of Theology

Hilde Seal

Minister and Death Doula

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