A New Beginning

Two important realities seem to juxtapose each other:

  1. Life feels out of control.
  2. Human creativity is all around us.

Art encompasses the ways we try to turn chaotic reality into something that makes sense. Yet the sense that is being made, being called into being, is itself raucous. Vibrant. Alive.

Culture has never been static. And it is not static now. No, it is accelerating, crescendoing, reverberating until it seems to echo unrecognisable rhythms and shimmering reflections off of every surface, in every frequency, everywhere we look and listen, and indeed, some of the places we try not to.

This will be the journey of the Shift podcast. We are pushing away from known shores, and joining the explorers in their adventurous discomfort to learn as much as we can about what is, and what can be.

Telling better stories is dependent on more than just more eloquent language, and heightened craft. It is about living the stories we yearn to tell.

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